Welcome to my Johnson Family Line. My Johnsons came from Hardin County, KY to Perry, Indiana, and finally to Orange, CA. 

I love seeing my ancestor's names written in history. Whether it be on a census record or a war document or in the fine print of a book, it's exciting to speculate about their life and times. This blog is dedicated to the Johnson ancestors whom we've found written in history and the ones that we haven't discovered yet. This is where I record and digitize the documents that have been found, where I organize all of my questions and searches. 

My hope is to share valuable information with our extended family. It's also my hope that by putting everything I have on the web I won't lose anything or forget what I've already done. 

The Family Tab:
The "families" tab lists each of our direct family lines.  There are also links to detailed family group sheets and if available, biographies written by my grandmother about the individual. 

The Records Tab: 
The digitized or transcribed documents will be found under the "records" tab. If you have a question regarding a specific ancestor, put his name to the right in the "search this blog" tab to see if we have any information regarding that specific ancestor.

This blog is a work in progress. We have many more records that still need to be included and much research that still need done. If you can contribute information please e-mail me.