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Civil Records of William Johnson

Patent from U.S. Dept. of Interior. Shows us William Johnson is in Perry Co, Indiana in 1830.

James & Susan Johnson Death Certificates

Death Certificate of James Johnson, son of William & Pheobe Rhodes

Death Certificate of Susan Johnson, wife of James Johnson

James Johnson Family Marriage Records

Marriage Records of James Johnson & Susan Lime and two of their daughters:

Grover Lewellen & Threasa Johnson,

Laura Johnson & James Fields

James Johnson & Susan Lime (Index)

James Johnson & Susan Lime

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Info on the Milton Family

"Michael Milton had three sons, Richard, Michael Jr. and John. Michael died in 1713. Richard the eldest son died 1733. Michael Jr. records cease 1757-58 indicating he died about that time age 58. His son John (the copy is not clear if this is Michael's son John or Michael Jr.'s) had four sons, John, Charles, Thomas, and James. . . After the war (Rev. War) Charles and 2 brothers moved to Kentucky locating in Madison Co. in 1792. He moved to Washington Co. in 1800 where in December 1804 his eldest son John married Mary Ann Lasswell. John Milton and his wife Mary Ann were present at marriage of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks June 12, 1806. John served in militia Hardin Co. in War of 1812. In 1814 John died and in 1815 his widow Mary Anne married Mathew Johnson (the copy says Johnston). Sometime after 1822 Mary Ann Johnston moved to Perry Co, Indiana together with members of the Lasswell family. Her family then consisted of sons Richard and Eli Milton, and several sons and daughters of Mathew Johnston by his previous marriage. In 1833 Mary Anne married Daniel McLaughlin, descendant of Charles McLaughlin of Bedford County, VA."

Biography of James Matthew Edmond Johnson

Click for a biography of James Matthew Edmond Johnson, written by his granddaughter.

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Will of a Mary Johnson

A will of a Mary Johnson. I don't know if she fits in my line of Johnsons or not, but it is interesting to note all of the familiar names in the family she mentions in her will.

Washington Co, KY, Will Book E, page 142:

Mary Johnson June 3, 1833
July 22, 1833

Item one: I give to my brother James Johnson of Maryland two hundred dollars and to his daughter Jane Johnson one hundred dollars.

Item two: to Elizabeth Caroline Johnson of Maryland I give one hundred dollars.

Item three: I lend to Joseph F. Johnson my negro girl Mary until his daughter Treacy Ann Johnson arrives to the age of twenty one years. I then give to said Treacy Ann the negro girl Mary with her off springs provided said Joseph F. Johnson pays his brother Doneick one hundred and fifty dollars towards the discharge of my debts.

Item four: if the above named fifty dollars should not be sufficient to discharge my debts I wish the balance to be discharged out of the hundred dollars my brother Ignatius F. Johnson now had in his possession and the remainder of the hundred dollars after discharging my debts to be given to William Johnson son of Ignatius.

I appoint my brother Ignatius Johnson and George Clements executors of this my last will, etc.
E.B. Gaither
Austin Mudd

Letter re: Mary Ann Lasswell Milton Johnson, wife of Matthew Johnson

Excerpts from a letter received by my grandmother from: Loretta Niemeier, 23 Feb 1980:

"I wrote to a Walter S. Milton who is a descendent of Mary Ann Milton Johnson McLaughlin. I had found where she stood for one of the Milton children so know then I had the right one. He lives in Knoxville, TN. Mary Ann's maiden name was Lasswell, sometimes Laswell and Lacefield. She had married John Milton 22 Dec 1804 in Washington Co., KY. They had two children Richard B., Sept 1811, and Eli born 1813. Therefore only 2 of the children were hers so she and Matthew had at least 5 children on the 1830 census. After she married McLaughlin, them moved to Warrick Co., IN."

He thinks that Matthew may have been in Madison Co. before he came to Hardin since the Miltons and Laswells were there about 1800.

He stated at settlement of estate of John Milton in addition to Matthew Johnston there was also a Joseph Johnston, settled 15 Jan 1815. He also feels "Johnston" is the original name. He said the Laswells were Loyalists who came from Maryland to North Carolina then to Kentucky through Virginia. Sure leaves a lot of territory to cover. He also sent a sheet on the Lewis Jenkins - Ann Johnson family. He was born [in] St. Mary's Co., Maryland. It seemed there were a lot of Johnson-Jenkins marriages. Maybe they were all from there originally.

One more thing! Here is a 1830 Perry Co. Census I failed to enclose with my original list:

Joseph Johnson Males: 1 <5;>
Females: 1 5-10; 2 10-15; 1 30-40

I had him on the 1840 census. He is probably a son of Matthew and the one at the settlement of John Milton."

Information on James M.E. Johnson Family

From Gladys Reeves, daughter of Lewis & Phoebe (Johnson) Carr, Personal Communication, Dec 1977:

Phoebe Johnson: b. Apr 15, 1882 born Pea Ridge, Clinton, Missouri; m. Lewis Franklin Carr b. 1 Sep 1882.

  • "I can always remember Papa teasing Mama, saying that she was boss for about 6 months!"

  • "Mama said in later years they lived at Springfield for a short time"

  • "Mama has told us repeatedly down through the years about being born in Missouri -- I know different ones would tease her about having to be shown 'cause she was born in the "Show Me" state.

  • "Mama has told us all about knowing Papa when they were young. They were just kids, I think about 10 or 11, when they first met. She told how she dreaded meeting Papa and Uncle Ed 'cause some one had told them about "those mean Carr kids" - I think they threw tomatoes at the girls, am pretty sure that was it"

St. Clare Cemetery, Colesburg, Hardin, KY

Johnson Records:
Johnson, Catherine: Died 17 Oct 1855, age 69 years (wife of J Johnson)

Johnson, David W.: Mar 20, 1830-Dec 23 1856

Johnson, George M.: Jan 16, 1851 - Feb 1, 1857 (Son of D.W. & Penelope)

Johnson, Inf. of L. & R.J.

Johnson, John: Feb 24, 1785-Jan 26, 1859 age 74 yrs. 1 mo. 2 das.

Johnson, Lucius: Jan 13, 1816-Oct 7 1869 (husband of Rebecca J.)

Johnson, Martin: July 22, 1814-Feb 1, 1857

Johnson, Mary Claudia: Dec 17, 1880-Jan 13, 1906 (Daughter of C.H. & M.E. Johnson)

Johnson, Menerva E.: Oct 15, 1851-Mar 16, 1857

Johnson, Rebecca J.: Sep 30, 1821-May 19, 1868 (Wife of Lucius)

Johnson, William: Oct. 24, 1824 - Feb 5, 1850

Johnson, William R.: Jan 31, 1845-Aug 25, 1864

Hardin County Marriage Bonds: Johnson Family

Hardin Co., KY Marriage Bonds, 1813-1822, by Mary Harrel Stancliff, Pub. 1968 p. 33:
Jenkins, Lewis - and Ann Johnson. Surety, James Johnson. Consent for the bride was given by her father, Mathew Johnson. James Johnson, son of Mathew Johnson, made oath that his father was agreeable to the marriage. September 17, 1819.

Johnson, James - and Mary Jenkins. Surety, Ignatius Jenkins. August 20, 1819

Hardin Co., KY Marriage Bonds, 1813-1822, by Mary Harrel Stancliff, Pub. 1968 p. 34:
Johnson, John - and Kittey Drake. Surety, Richard Simmons. Consent for the bride is signed by her father, Allen Drake. Witnesses, David Price and Richard Simmons, March 23, 1818.

Johnston, Joseph - and Nancy Stevens. Surety, Charles Brian. Consent for the bride is signed by her father, James Stebvens. August 3, 1816.

Johnston, Mathew - and Mrs. Marian Milton. Surety, Michael Milton. January 2, 1815.

Benjamin Johnson, possible son of Matthew?

From a letter written to my grandmother (185):

"Last week I spent an afternoon at the Perry Co. Courthouse. I feel sure Benjamin L. Johnson is the same as Benjamin Lasswell Johnson who also bought land from the US. I feel sure he is a son of Matthew Johnson and Mary Ann Lasswell Milton Johnson. The Eli Milton was her son. Benjamin L. Johnson married Rebecca Marshall June 7, 1837. Eli Milton married Phebe Marshall May 4, 1837. They were probably sisters.

Benjamin sold land 10 Oct 1839 and 18 March 1843.

I checked the index for a Benjamin Johnson in 1850 and could not find any in Warrick or Perry Co. By 1850 his mother was living in Warrick Co. Tell City Library has a card index on the 1880 census but I could not find him there either. If we could locate him and see where he says his father was born it sure would help us.

Also, Ignatius and William Johnson were witnesses on a deed of my William Mitchell.

The estate of Ignatius Johnson lists children: Henry M., Daniel V., Elizabeth D.A., Sarah R., Mary E. and William I. Johnson. 11 Nov 1844 Elijah Huckeby appointed guardian of children."

Tax Records of Matthew Johnson

From a letter written to my grandmother:

"I looked at tax lists for Hardin & Breckenridge Counties which are on microfilm. I picked up Matthew Johnson on the 1803 census but could not find him on 1802.

He shows up on 1803 as Matthew Johnston with 100 acres of 34d class land on Rolling Fork, one white male over 21 and 3 horses. A John and Benjamin Johnson were on 1802 as well as 1803.

By 1804 there were several Johnston's which included a Thomas and a Matthias. I could not find a Matthew but wonder if Matthias should have been Matthew because I didn't pick up a Matthias again.

1805 Matthew shows up again with 100 acres of 3rd class land on Roling Fork, 1 white male over __ land, 3 horses. A Thomas also showed up with no land and it showed him as over 21 and 4 horses. (Thomas shows up later as under 21)

1806 Matthew shows up with 100 acres on Roling Fork, 1 male over 21 and __ horse. Thomas 72 acres of 3rd class land on Roling Fork 1 male between 16 and 21 and 4 horses.

1807 both Matthew and Thomas show up as Jonson, same acreage. Matthew as 1 over 21 and 3 horses, Thomas as between 16-21 and 3 horses.

1808 Matthew 100 acres Rolling Fork, 1 male over 21 and 4 horses. Thomas (could not read across) Foling Fork. No age shown, 3 horses.

1809 Matthew Johnson 100 acres Rolling Fork, 1 over 21, 4 horses. Thomas 72 acres Rolling fork, no age shown, 3 horses. "

St. Teresa Church Records of Johnson & Related Families

From a letter sent to my grandmother:

Marriage Records at St. Theresa:
28 Sept. 1831 Martin Wheatly & Ellendor Jarboe
24 Jun 1832 Gratterieum Wheatly & Sarah Aries
26 Jul 1835 Solomon Mitchel & Cassandra Biddle
17 Jul 1836 William Mitchel & Elizabeth Rebecca Cassidy
29 Aug 1831 Pius Elder & Anna Bruner

Baptism Records at St. Teresa:

20 Jun 1824 Lucretia d/o Matthew & Mary Ann Johnson born 27 Apr 1824.
Godmother: Harriet Beaven.

19 Jan 1830 Ignatius s/o John & Eliza Johnso, born 28 Sept 1829. Godmother Martha McGill

16 May 1830 James Edwin s/o Joseph & Louisa Johnson born __ Apr 1830, Godmother Martha McGill (she had also been godmother for Ignatius s/o John And Elizabeth Johnson)

1 Apr 1832 Thomas Ignatius s/o Joseph & Louisa Johnson born 8 Oct 1831, godmother Louisa Johnson

17 Mar 1833 Susan Lilly d/o John & Lisz Johnson Born 19 ? 1831, Godmother Harriet Wright

8 May 1834 William Walter s/o Joseph & Louisa Johnson born 23 Mar 1834, sponsors Pius & Ann Elder)

6 Jan 1836 James Frances s/o Wm. & Margaret Melton born 10 Dec 1835, godmother Marthena Hardesty

Comment: I do not know where any of these names fit into my family line. John & Joseph Johnson I guess could be sons to William & Susannah Jenkins but that is pure speculation.

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Birth Record of Lucretia Johnson

From St. Theresa's Church, Payneville, KY:
"Lucretia Johnson, daughter of Matthew and Mary Ann Johnson, born April 27, 1824 and baptized June 20, 1824 by the Rev. E.P. Durbin, the sponsor being Harriet Beaven."

Johnson Marriages in Perry, IN

Here is an exerpt of the Index to Perry County, Indiana Marriages, 1814-1850. As far as our Johnson line, it lists the marriages of Ignatius Johnson (son of Matthew Johnson b1777), Lucretia Johnson (daughter of Matthew Johnson b1777), Mary Ann Johnson (2nd wife of Matthew Johnson b1777), and William Johnson (son of Matthew Johnson b1777), Dorothy Ann Johnson (daughter of Unknown but married James Elder).

Other Johnson marriage dates listed: John J. Johnson & Abigail Cutler; Isaac Johnson & Nancy T. Jones, Elizabeth Johnson & John Marshall, Ann Johnson & Stephen A. Mattingly; Anderson Johnson & Polly Turner; Benjamin L Johnson & Rebecca Marshall, Polly Johnson & Daniel Blain
Also, the Perry County Clerk's Office Courthouse in Cannelton, Indiana sent the following records:
Elizabeth Johnson to R.T. Harrison, Book 3 page 646, April 27, 1870
Susannah Johnson to Reuben T. Harrison, Book 3, page 11, November 10, 1861
Mary Johnson to Bohn B. Wheatley, Book 2, page 223, April 8, 1856
We have Margaret Johnson to John Sutcliff, Margaret Johnson to George Southwood, but no Margaret Johnson to Peter Fealy.