Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Johnson Marriage Records from Perry County, Indiana

Nov 1856 Daniel Johnson s/o Ignatius Johnson & Anna McGlothlin and
Elizabeth Stephens d/o Benedik Stephens & Maria Riddle

Nov 1861 Reuben Thomas Harrison & Suzanna Johnson d/o William Johnson [and Mary Mitchell]

1870 In matrimonium conjurgunt Ruben T. Harrisson (A catholican) at Elizabeth Johnson (Catholican) (Dispensatione Osstenta) Die April 27 B. Doyle"
[There are two R.T. Harrisons, a father and a son. In the 1870 Census Reuben Jr. is married to Elizabeth (she is 5 years older than he is), and Reuben Sr. is married to Susan A. (she is 8 years younger than him)]

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