Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Johnson Marriages

More marriages from Perry, IN. This is from a letter. The author recorded this information "out of my marriages book". I don't know what marriage book it came from, but most of these Johnson's I don't know if they fit into my family line or not . . .

Eliza J. Johnson & James Bolin, 5 Nov 1851
Daniel Blain & Polly Johnson, 7 Feb 1825
Isaac Johnson & Nancy T. Jones, 2 Nov 1835
John Marshall & Elizabeth Johnson, 24 Mar 1839
William B. Wilson & Ellen Johnson, 31 Mar 1842
John L. Johnson & Abigail Cutler, 30 Jul 1846

Interesting note: I really haven't studied this Johnson line much . . . but in this letter Ms. Browning states "I have several little booklets of Marriages from Virginia. In one of these is "Matthew Johnson and Mary Mantle, married 24 Oct 1787 in Goochland County, Virginia (Marriage Bond) . . " Now, I'm sure there are millions of Matthew Johnsons around, and I haven't studied enough of them to know where they were before Hardin Co., Kentucky. But it's worth noting and possibly looking into in the future.

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