Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tax Records of Matthew Johnson

From a letter written to my grandmother:

"I looked at tax lists for Hardin & Breckenridge Counties which are on microfilm. I picked up Matthew Johnson on the 1803 census but could not find him on 1802.

He shows up on 1803 as Matthew Johnston with 100 acres of 34d class land on Rolling Fork, one white male over 21 and 3 horses. A John and Benjamin Johnson were on 1802 as well as 1803.

By 1804 there were several Johnston's which included a Thomas and a Matthias. I could not find a Matthew but wonder if Matthias should have been Matthew because I didn't pick up a Matthias again.

1805 Matthew shows up again with 100 acres of 3rd class land on Roling Fork, 1 white male over __ land, 3 horses. A Thomas also showed up with no land and it showed him as over 21 and 4 horses. (Thomas shows up later as under 21)

1806 Matthew shows up with 100 acres on Roling Fork, 1 male over 21 and __ horse. Thomas 72 acres of 3rd class land on Roling Fork 1 male between 16 and 21 and 4 horses.

1807 both Matthew and Thomas show up as Jonson, same acreage. Matthew as 1 over 21 and 3 horses, Thomas as between 16-21 and 3 horses.

1808 Matthew 100 acres Rolling Fork, 1 male over 21 and 4 horses. Thomas (could not read across) Foling Fork. No age shown, 3 horses.

1809 Matthew Johnson 100 acres Rolling Fork, 1 over 21, 4 horses. Thomas 72 acres Rolling fork, no age shown, 3 horses. "

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