Thursday, March 26, 2009

Benjamin Johnson, possible son of Matthew?

From a letter written to my grandmother (185):

"Last week I spent an afternoon at the Perry Co. Courthouse. I feel sure Benjamin L. Johnson is the same as Benjamin Lasswell Johnson who also bought land from the US. I feel sure he is a son of Matthew Johnson and Mary Ann Lasswell Milton Johnson. The Eli Milton was her son. Benjamin L. Johnson married Rebecca Marshall June 7, 1837. Eli Milton married Phebe Marshall May 4, 1837. They were probably sisters.

Benjamin sold land 10 Oct 1839 and 18 March 1843.

I checked the index for a Benjamin Johnson in 1850 and could not find any in Warrick or Perry Co. By 1850 his mother was living in Warrick Co. Tell City Library has a card index on the 1880 census but I could not find him there either. If we could locate him and see where he says his father was born it sure would help us.

Also, Ignatius and William Johnson were witnesses on a deed of my William Mitchell.

The estate of Ignatius Johnson lists children: Henry M., Daniel V., Elizabeth D.A., Sarah R., Mary E. and William I. Johnson. 11 Nov 1844 Elijah Huckeby appointed guardian of children."

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