Friday, March 27, 2009

Info on the Milton Family

"Michael Milton had three sons, Richard, Michael Jr. and John. Michael died in 1713. Richard the eldest son died 1733. Michael Jr. records cease 1757-58 indicating he died about that time age 58. His son John (the copy is not clear if this is Michael's son John or Michael Jr.'s) had four sons, John, Charles, Thomas, and James. . . After the war (Rev. War) Charles and 2 brothers moved to Kentucky locating in Madison Co. in 1792. He moved to Washington Co. in 1800 where in December 1804 his eldest son John married Mary Ann Lasswell. John Milton and his wife Mary Ann were present at marriage of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks June 12, 1806. John served in militia Hardin Co. in War of 1812. In 1814 John died and in 1815 his widow Mary Anne married Mathew Johnson (the copy says Johnston). Sometime after 1822 Mary Ann Johnston moved to Perry Co, Indiana together with members of the Lasswell family. Her family then consisted of sons Richard and Eli Milton, and several sons and daughters of Mathew Johnston by his previous marriage. In 1833 Mary Anne married Daniel McLaughlin, descendant of Charles McLaughlin of Bedford County, VA."

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