Thursday, March 26, 2009

Information on James M.E. Johnson Family

From Gladys Reeves, daughter of Lewis & Phoebe (Johnson) Carr, Personal Communication, Dec 1977:

Phoebe Johnson: b. Apr 15, 1882 born Pea Ridge, Clinton, Missouri; m. Lewis Franklin Carr b. 1 Sep 1882.

  • "I can always remember Papa teasing Mama, saying that she was boss for about 6 months!"

  • "Mama said in later years they lived at Springfield for a short time"

  • "Mama has told us repeatedly down through the years about being born in Missouri -- I know different ones would tease her about having to be shown 'cause she was born in the "Show Me" state.

  • "Mama has told us all about knowing Papa when they were young. They were just kids, I think about 10 or 11, when they first met. She told how she dreaded meeting Papa and Uncle Ed 'cause some one had told them about "those mean Carr kids" - I think they threw tomatoes at the girls, am pretty sure that was it"

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