Saturday, March 21, 2009

Johnson Marriages in Perry, IN

Here is an exerpt of the Index to Perry County, Indiana Marriages, 1814-1850. As far as our Johnson line, it lists the marriages of Ignatius Johnson (son of Matthew Johnson b1777), Lucretia Johnson (daughter of Matthew Johnson b1777), Mary Ann Johnson (2nd wife of Matthew Johnson b1777), and William Johnson (son of Matthew Johnson b1777), Dorothy Ann Johnson (daughter of Unknown but married James Elder).

Other Johnson marriage dates listed: John J. Johnson & Abigail Cutler; Isaac Johnson & Nancy T. Jones, Elizabeth Johnson & John Marshall, Ann Johnson & Stephen A. Mattingly; Anderson Johnson & Polly Turner; Benjamin L Johnson & Rebecca Marshall, Polly Johnson & Daniel Blain
Also, the Perry County Clerk's Office Courthouse in Cannelton, Indiana sent the following records:
Elizabeth Johnson to R.T. Harrison, Book 3 page 646, April 27, 1870
Susannah Johnson to Reuben T. Harrison, Book 3, page 11, November 10, 1861
Mary Johnson to Bohn B. Wheatley, Book 2, page 223, April 8, 1856
We have Margaret Johnson to John Sutcliff, Margaret Johnson to George Southwood, but no Margaret Johnson to Peter Fealy.

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